Agency Funds

An Agency Fund is a great option for organizations looking to grow their endowment and conserve their resources.

Charitable agencies and organizations with their own 501(c)(3) status are eligible to establish an Agency Fund with us.  Some of the advantages of Agency Funds include:

  • The larger investment pool of the Community Foundation provides the potential for greater investment return at a lower cost.
  • Your fund can accept non-cash gifts, such as stock, real estate or life insurance, which are becoming more common vehicles for charitable giving.
  • Our Investment Committee and professional investment consultant are managing your investment wisely.
  • We handle distributions of your fund:  Each year a percentage of the income earned on an Agency Fund is distributed back to the charity for purposes determined by the organization's board.
  • We offer 24/7 access to your secure and private online Donor Dashboard, which provides monthly fund statements and the ability to make a distribution request from the fund and schedule distribution payment requests.


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