Basic Needs Giving Partnership Planning Grants

After reviewing this information, we encourage you to contact Amber Paluch to discuss any proposals.


Planning grants provide funding to teams of local nonprofits as they explore and plan for the launch of a collaborative project to serve residents of Brown, Kewaunee or Oconto counties. Grants will not fund planning that is part of an organization’s ongoing activities. Appropriate items include: staff hires; planning time; site visits to review models and best practices; and consultants, facilitators or other outside professional assistance. Grant recipients are not guaranteed to receive additional funding for project or program implementation.


Proposals must be submitted by February 1 for evaluation by a team of community volunteers. Invitations to participate in an interview will be offered to select applicants by March 1. Interviews will take place in mid-March, and decisions will be announced in June.


Initiatives working to explore or create a program or system change. Grants typically are $10,000-$15,000 for one year.


An organization can be the lead organization in one grant application per year.

  1. Complete the online application. View application questions here.


 Proposals will be evaluated on both the strength of the request and the potential of the proposed project. Strong planning projects will:

  • Define a need or gap in an impact area of the Basic Needs Giving Partnership or issue identified in the most recent Brown County LIFE Study.
  • Clearly articulate a vision that demonstrates depth in thinking and initial research into feasibility.
  • Identify suitable, successful models in place in other communities or a new framework for a clearly defined action to meet the need.
  • Provide a realistic, initial budget for implementation and continuation of the project.
  • Have a feasible but aggressive timeline providing a clear outline for planning, implementation, and follow-through.
  • Have board and organizational management support and participation.
  • Be collaborative and bring together active public or private partners to address the impact areas and leverage impact through resources or expertise. See our definition of collaboration.
  • Lead to a project that is concrete and practical and has the potential for well-defined meaningful, measurable impact.
  • Be feasible and attractive to donors, foundations, or other community entities and funders for implementation and continuation.

Reporting Requirements

The Basic Needs Giving Partnership has a separate set of reporting requirements from the rest of our grants program.  Please review the requirements here.



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