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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Scholarships

Can I apply if I haven't recieved my Student Aid Report yet?

You can begin your application and upload everything but the Student Aid Report (SAR). Once you receive the SAR, go back into the portal to upload it and submit by the deadline to complete the application. If you will not receive your SAR by the deadline, upload a document indicating the date you expect to receive the SAR and upload the SAR once you receive it.

Can I apply if I haven't received my letters of recommendation?

You can start your application and upload everything but the letters. Once you receive them, go back into the portal to upload them and submit the application by the deadline. If you do not receive the letters by the application deadline, you can upload a document stating that you were unable to attain them in time and your application will be reviewed for the scholarships which do not require letters of recommendation.

What if I don't have my official transcript?

 You can submit a copy of your unofficial transcript. If we have questions regarding the information, we will contact you.

Do I need to submit my test scores?

ACT and SAT scores are NOT required.

I am a college student applying for a scholarship. Do I still need to fill out the entire application?

You will need to complete all sections and upload all documents in order to submit the application to the system. Please fill out the information to the best of your ability, using your current college information wherever possible.

Can I apply if I am not completing a FAFSA?

Yes.  In this instance please upload a Word document that explains why it is that you will not have a Student Aid Report.  The document will be reviewed by scholarship review committee personnel, and any questions will be directed towards the applicant.

I've been awarded a scholarship. How do I receive the payment?

You must submit the required enrollment verification forms in order to receive your scholarship. A copy of your tuition statement must be uploaded to your original scholarship application by logging in to your scholarship application dashboard. Once logged in, click School Grants and Scholarships, click My Applications, find your approved application in the table and select the app id #, find the enrollment verification documents in the table and upload the required documents. 

Some scholarships distribute a portion of the award over multiple semesters and will require you to return to the application dashboard to upload documents verifying continued enrollment and academic success.

Scholarship payments will be mailed directly to your college for educational related expenses.


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