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School Spirit Educational Endowment supports service learning project

A grant through the School Spirit Educational Endowment Fund provided funds for students at Dr. Rosa Minoka Hill School to build “Buddy Benches” for other Green Bay elementary schools.

15 students participated and benefited from the hands-on building of 11 benches which involved math and technical education skills. 

"We learned much more through the act of giving the benches to other schools about providing service to others than merely the technical aspects of woodworking." - Renee Every,  Principal of Minoka-Hill Alternative School

The grant potentially impacts hundreds of elementary students throughout the Green Bay school district by providing a designated spot on the playground where students who are feeling left out can go to connect with others.

YMCA Girls Night Out Program helps girls navigate middle school transition

Girls Night Out is a 9-week program designed to help 5th-grade girls successfully navigate what can be a challenging phase in their lives and to make it a journey that is positive and healthy. The Girls Night Out program explores positive peer relationships, social emotional learning, positive self-image, life skills, and how to bridge the transition to middle school, all through experiential and relevant activities facilitated by YMCA Youth Development staff and volunteers.

The impact and change that comes from the experience truly comes in the intangibles like new friendships that are formed throughout the 2 months,  the laughter while doing an energizer activity or the conversations around the campfire on the last weekend when they talk about what it means to be a strong friend and make healthy choices today and in their future.

New playground reinvigorates Brown County park

Neshota Park, a Brown County park, receive a grant from the GGBCF to complete phase 1 of a new playground at the park. The all-inclusive playground has reinvigorated the park and brought the community together. The Brown County Board and Township of New Denmark Board have received positive feedback and families are now regular visitors to the park.

“The community is so excited about the new playground that we have already raised almost half the funds required for the second phase of this project. Thank you again for your generous contribution.” - Karen A. VanDenBusch, Past President, Friends of Neshota Park

Donor co-investment produces immeasurable returns for MyTEAM TRIUMPH captain

"One chair is so powerful. It will last roughly 10 years, impact roughly 560 captains, and travels roughly 11,195 miles!”

  - Diane Gaywont, Director of Operations with myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin

Three donor advisors co-invested to purchase this adaptive athletic chair for myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin in Spring of 2015.

The donor-sponsored chair allows individuals with disabilities to participate, with a team of angels, in athletic endurance events such as triathlons and marathons. It will be utilized by the Wisconsin chapter of myTEAM TRIUMPH in the 56+ events they participate in throughout the state each year.

 Learn more about myTEAM TRIUMPH by visiting their website or following them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin Brown County encourages the next generation of entrepreneurs

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin Brown County offers Be an Entrepreneur Camp - a week-long program at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya.  Teams of middle and high school girls develop business ideas and participate in empowerment and leadership activities.  At the end of the week, students present formal business plans to a panel of local female business owners.  The teens have the opportunity to receive real business experience from their mentors and leave as real-world entrepreneurs!

Family engagement nights provide positive exposure to learning environment

The Froebel Garden of Early Learning was a recipient of a grant for Family Engagement Nights for the 2014-2015 school year. As a result, they held seven family nights, each with a different theme. Their themes included: literacy, safety (K9 and police officer), movie, Dr. Seuss, Children’s Museum, math and a cultural potluck night. As part of the School Improvement Plan, their goal was to have 50% of their families attend at least one of the nights. They surpassed that goal with an overall family attendance rate of 57%. Of the 198 students that attend Froebel, 30 of the families attended 3 or more of the family engagement nights!

“We have heard rave reviews from everyone that attended. We have heard parents report that they feel a closer connection with the school, that their children have been begging to come to the family engagement nights, that this is a great way to get families engaged and that this has been a great “first school” experience. Since Froebel is a 4K/5K school, this is often the first school experience for our students, so hearing that we helped to make it great was truly the most significant story we had heard!” - Heather Witzke, School Social Worker


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