Final Report Guidelines

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation requires any organization that has received funds from our grants programs to submit a final report.

Final reports help us to understand how grants from the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation were used and the impact they had on our community.

Final Report Deadline

Final reports are due within one year of the grant or after the completion of the funded program, whichever is most appropriate. However, if you intend to apply for another Community Foundation grant opportunity, a final or interim report for each previously funded initiative must be received before the next application is accepted.

Final Report Narrative

If your organization has received a grant, please log in to the Application Portal to find and submit the final report form. To access this form:

  • After logging in to the grant application portal, select "Review the status of your applications"
  • Search for applications with an approved or final report required status
  • Click the app ID number for the application you'd like to submit a final report for
  • Click "details" in the table next to the Grant Report requirement and complete the form

In addition to the report, please upload:

  • Copies of marketing materials and media coverage.
  • Photographs of the project in action for inclusion in our promotional materials. Photos must be at least 600 pixels in size. 
Contact Amber Paluch with questions.  View the Grant Report Questions
Interim Report
If your organization intends to apply for another Community Foundation grant and your previously funded initiative is still in progress, an interim report for that initiative must be received before the next application is accepted or before a multi-year award is renewed. Please provide a brief summary of progress regarding the funded initiative, along with the app id number via email to

Basic Needs Giving Partnership Reporting Requirements

If you received funds through the Basic Needs Giving Partnership and the U.S. Venture Fund for Basic Needs there are further reporting requirements.


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