Basic Needs Giving Partnership Implementation Grants

After reviewing this information, we encourage you to contact Amber Paluch to discuss any proposals.


Collaborative grants support projects and programs undertaken by multiple nonprofit organizations because the scope or complexity of the project will benefit from each organization’s particular expertise or provided services or because the collaboration will enable more effective and efficient delivery of the program or services than individual organizations working alone or separately.


Initial Applications must be submitted by February 1. Invitations to submit a full grant application will be offered to select applicants, with full proposals and budgets due approximately April 1. Interviews with grants team members would be held in April or May, and final decisions will be announced in mid-June.


Requests can be for up to $300,000 over three years. Requests for less than the maximum amount or for fewer than three years are encouraged.


An organization can be the lead organization in one grant application per year.

  1. Complete the Cover Sheet. Do not write “see attached” for the project summary; provide it in the space available.
  2. Provide a proposal of up to two typed pages that includes:
    • A description of the proposed project and objectives.
    • The role of each collaborative partner. See our definition of collaboration
    • An explanation of why there is a need for the project.
    • An explanation of how the project directly impacts an area of concern in the most recent Brown County LIFE Study and directly relates to one or more of the four impact areas of the Basic Needs Giving Partnership.
    • A description of who will benefit from the project and how.
    • Outcomes and measurements to be used.
    • An explanation of how the project will be sustained when the proposed funding ends.
  3. Provide a preliminary project budget (including other committed or potential revenue sources)
  4. Provide a complete list of each collaborative organization’s officers and directors and their community affiliations.
  5. Optional: letters of support from collaborative organizations.

Reporting Requirements

The Basic Needs Giving Partnership has a separate set of reporting requirements from the rest of our grants program.  Please review the requirements here.



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