Why Work with GGBCF? We're Your Charitable Partner

When your clients want to give back to the community, we are your resource. We are here to ensure donors can support the causes they care about, with a tax-wise investment, now and for generations to come.

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation manages $156 million in charitable assets and last year, $17 million was granted to qualified charities. We represent the interests of a very diverse group of donors throughout our community. Our goal is to help donors align their philanthropic goals with the best-suited giving vehicle to make their giving go further.

Here’s what makes us different

  • We are Local
    We are community experts who leverage community knowledge to help make wise investment choices for the greater good. No one can compete with us on our commitment to making our community a better place.
  • We are Flexible
    We help support what is important to our donors. People who establish a fund with us can support local and national causes, their alma maters, faith-based causes, and other favorite charities.
  • We Offer Investment Options
    We offer investment options and fund types based on our donors' giving goals. For many kinds of gifts, we offer higher tax deductions than private foundations. And because donors get an immediate tax deduction when making a gift to the Community Foundation, they can plan the timing of their gifts to gain maximum tax advantages.
  • We Have Community Knowledge
    We know which local organizations are addressing the issues donors care about most. Our community of donors have the opportunity to co-invest together and leverage their gifts to make a greater impact on the community's most urgent needs.
  • We Offer Low Administrative Fees
    We provide administration and reporting, fund management, community connections, grantmaking expertise and granting opportunities, all for a fee of less than 1%*.
    *fees related to donor advised funds. 

Customized Solutions

We offer customized giving solutions to meet your client's charitable giving goals. 

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Greater Green Bay Community Foundation

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