Community Foundation to Acquire Historic Train Depot

March 30, 2021 – The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation will acquire and occupy the historic Milwaukee Road Passenger Depot located at 400 S. Washington Street in downtown Green Bay. The Foundation has been working collaboratively with leaders to establish an accessible and forward-thinking center for impact and philanthropy.

The Foundation expects to publicly reopen the depot in early 2022. A place where people, nonprofits, donors, and leaders will intersect to seek solutions, resources, and services required to strengthen our community.

Most recently occupied by Breakthrough, the Train Depot was the home to the Greater Green Bay Chamber prior to 2011. Breakthrough’s growth and transition to a new collaboration hub in 2021 provides the Community Foundation an opportunity to build on a more than 100-year heritage of this historic building.

“As the Foundation approaches 30 years of community service, we’re honored to be entrusted with this historic building. We will preserve its legacy as it evolves to serve our community in a new way,” said Dennis Buehler, President and CEO Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. “We are incredibly grateful to Breakthrough, US Venture, Commercial Horizons, and all of those who have shaped this opportunity.”

This opportunity not only allows the Foundation to stay firmly rooted in our community, but it creates an accessible space for people to advance our community’s work for even greater collective impact.