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Establishing a fund at the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation is an investment in creating a brighter future for all of us. Our team will ensure you have access to the Community Foundation’s knowledge and resources to help you make the greatest impact.

Open a fund in three simple steps:

 Share your charitable interests with our team

We’ll discuss our fund types and help you determine which one best meets your charitable giving objectives.

 Select a name for your fund

A fund can be named for you, your family, as a memorial for a loved one, or for a business. Funds can also be anonymous or named to reflect your charitable purpose. Once all of the details of the fund have been decided, we will draft a fund contract for you to approve.

 Give a tax-deductible charitable donation to establish your fund

Next, you’ll choose the assets you want to use to establish the fund. We have a variety of giving options for you to consider.

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More Information about Advised Funds

DA Fund Guidelines and Policies
Gift Acceptance Policy
Sample DA Fund Contract
Establishing a Fund Form

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From our personalized service to our in-depth community knowledge, we are here to help make your giving simpler and smarter, go further and do greater good.


Creating a fund to reflect your values and giving philosophy is our priority. Whether you’re looking to simplify your giving today or leave a legacy for the future we will help you select the type of fund that is right for you.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds are a flexible giving tool that can be created by individuals, families, and businesses to support the causes they care about.  Donors receive a tax deduction when a contribution is made to the fund. With that contribution, donors can then fund charitable activity over time.

Donor advisors may recommend grants to qualified charities anywhere in the United States including civic, religious, and faith-based organizations.  We offer three investment options to meet a range of philanthropic goals and time horizons. You can select the option that is best for you.

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Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds are the Community Foundation’s most responsive way to address the changing needs in northeast Wisconsin. Established by donors who wish to provide support to community issues over time, these funds rely on guidelines established by the donor, as well as the Community Foundation’s extensive community knowledge, to select grant recipients using a competitive application process.

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Field of Interest Funds

Field of interest funds are established by a donor, family, or a group of donors who wish to contribute to a cause or an area of interest but do not want to designate a particular organization. The Community Foundation uses guidelines established by the donor, as well as the Community Foundation’s extensive knowledge of the community, to select grant recipients using a competitive grant application process.

Learn more about our Fields of Interest and how your investment will support our community.

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Legacy Fund

Legacy Funds are established when an endowed gift is made to the Community Foundation through a will, trust, or other planned gift for $10,000 or more.

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Designated Funds

Designated funds allow donors to select a specific organization or group of organizations to receive long-term support through regular predetermined distributions.

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Project Funds

Project Funds are established by nonprofit organizations for fundraising purposes, such as capital campaigns or special events. The Community Foundation provides administrative support for these funds by tracking donor records, gift acknowledgments, etc.

Project Funds can also be established by a group of people looking to do charitable work. In this case, the group relies on the Community Foundation’s tax status to meet IRS requirements.

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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds are named endowments established for the benefit of students looking to continue their education. Scholarship recipients are to be selected by a committee of the Community Foundation.

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Supporting Organization

A supporting organization is a tax concept that allows a private foundation to enjoy the benefits of a donor advised fund including substantial savings and privacy.

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Learn more about the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy



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