Donor Advised Fund

What if you could support all your favorite charities with just one


That’s the power of a donor advised fund.

Donor advised funds are simple, convenient and flexible — that’s why they are our most popular fund type. Here are a few of the reasons donor advised funds are the fastest-growing giving vehicle in the United States:

Benefits of donor advised


Receive a tax deduction when you make a contribution your fund.  With that contribution, you can fund charitable giving activity over a number of years.

You can establish a fund with a gift of $10,000.  We accept cash, credit card donations, securities, closely held stock, real estate, life insurance, and other illiquid assets.

If you choose to use your donor advised fund for all of your charitable giving you won’t have to itemize donations at tax time. You will only need a record of contributions to your fund.

Your professionally managed fund will accrue non-taxable earnings over time.  With three asset allocation models, you decide the risk-tolerance for your fund.

We provide administration and reporting, fund management, community connections, grantmaking expertise and granting opportunities, all for a fee of less than 1%.

You have the option to designate multiple living generations of advisors to continue your tradition of generosity.

As a donor advisor, you have the option to be recognized for your gift­ OR to remain anonymous.

As a donor advisor, you have online access to your fund around the clock. You can make grant recommendations to charitable organizations, check your balance and add funds.

We can share our knowledge about leading community issues and keep you updated on exciting local granting opportunities.



Log in to your dashboard at any time.



You can email your grant request to Annie Dart.



To make a grant recommendation, please call 920-432-0800.


Vice President of Donor Relations & Communications


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