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Flexible, tax-smart, and


Are you considering establishing a charitable foundation of $1.5 million or more? If so, a supporting organization may be an alternative to consider. A supporting organization is a tax concept that allows a private foundation to enjoy the privacy, flexibility and tax advantages of a donor advised fund.

Benefits of a supporting


The option to maintain the investment management with your current financial advisor, through our Investment Partners Program, or the ability to take advantage of the foundation’s professional investment management.

No administrative responsibilities with a fund. GGBCF handles all administration — accounting, due diligence on grantees, grants follow-up & IRS reporting.

No start-up costs.

More tax advantages — tax treatment of all gifts is more favorable (for example: Receive up to 50% of AGI with cash donation, as opposed to 30% with a private foundation).

No 2% excise tax on earnings.

Maintain name of private foundation & advisory capacity.

Minimum payout not required.

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You can email your grant request to Maribeth Franken.



To make a grant recommendation, please call 920-432-0800.



Have questions about opening a fund? Call us at 920-432-0800 or email a member of our Donor Relations team.

Annie Dart
Vice President of Donor Relations & Communications

Maribeth Franken
Donor Services Manager

More information about opening a fund:

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