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Filing a Final Report
The Community Foundation uses final reports to understand how non-profits have used grants from the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and the impact the programs have had on our community. We also use the reports to communicate back to our board members, donors and grants teams.

Final reports are required of any program, project, or organization that has received funds from:
  • Grants through an application process of the Community Foundation
  • Schreiber Community Fund

Final Report Deadline
Final reports are due within one year of the grant or after the completion of the funded program, whichever is most convenient for your reporting. Grant evaluators are notified when final reports are not completed by previous grantees. An organization's failure to return final reports may be taken into consideration during future funding evaluations.

Final Report Narrative
If your organization has received a grant, please provide us with the following information.  Final reports for grants in the $5,000 range can be approximately two pages in length.  Grant recipients with differently-sized grants should complete their reports accordingly. 

  • Summarize activities, accomplishments and any obstacles associated with the grant implementation and grant program.
  • What difference did this project and grant make and how do you know?  Please share performance measures that you have collected that demonstrate the difference the program is making.
  • Provide an example, story or quote that illustrates what you consider to be the most significant change in people’s lives as a result of the project.
  • Report specific data about the number of people who participated in or were affected by this program; what the effects have been from the program’s implementation on the individuals involved, your organization, and the community.
  • How has the grant been leveraged to attain additional support?  Has this grant been instrumental in attracting additional support in the form of people, money, goods, services or publicity?  If so, describe.
  • Make an accounting of how the funds were expended—actual income and expenses for the program.  Provide specific expenditure items and amounts, as well as other funding sources. 


  • If you received funds through the Basic Needs Giving Partnership and the U.S. Venture Fund for Basic Needs, also complete the form found on this link.   

Final Report Submissions

  • Submit final reports electronically to
  • Include copies of marketing materials and media coverage.
  • Include photographs of the project in action (if applicable and appropriate) for inclusion in our promotional materials.



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