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Community Needs

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Northeast Wisconsin Journalism Initiative

Local newsrooms have been the heart of communities. However, news and journalism face increasing challenges. Changes in the way people receive their news have significantly impacted the industry and have created a risk of disinformation, undermining trust in all media. In turn, these changes affect how we all understand the issues facing our communities.

To help address these growing challenges, Microsoft made a commitment to preserve and protect local newsrooms around the nation. Selected as the fifth local news pilot, Microsoft invested $900,000 in the Northeast Wisconsin Journalism Fund, established at the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, in partnership with the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.

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As a result of the newsroom collaboration, local stories important to our communities will be available for free publication by other news organizations across the state and nation.  Here are the latest stories:

Telling the 


of our community

“The stories, the impacts, and the feedback we are getting shows that the stories we do matter. Journalism can make a difference. It’s nice to have organizations in the community recognize that and work together with our newsrooms to get our stories out to more people.”

-Benita Mathews, Green Bay Press-Gazette Reporter

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Meet the NEW News Lab


Six Wisconsin news organizations have partnered to advance in-depth local reporting on topics such as racism as a public health crisis, lack of affordable housing, funding of local schools, or coverage of local judicial systems.  The Northeast Wisconsin Journalism Fund awarded grants to the six NEW News Lab participants to support this work.