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The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing smart and effective giving tools for donors, impactful grants for nonprofit organizations, and collaborative leadership around critical community initiatives.

Our service area includes Brown, Kewaunee, and Oconto counties and we also support work in counties north of the greater Green Bay area.



INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE charitable giving in northeast Wisconsin by connecting caring people with solutions that strengthen our community.



Central to our purpose as a community foundation, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment of diverse thought, perspectives, and individuals. We will continue to challenge ourselves to GROW our understanding of each other while advocating for equitable and INCLUSIVE practices. Learn more about our commitment →



Together, with COURAGE and COMMITMENT, we are a catalyst for investing in solutions that strengthen our community for generations to come.

GGBCF Our Vision

The community foundation



  The power of relationships

A genuine commitment to understand diverse perspectives is central to building meaningful relationships. Acting with integrity, humility, and compassion, we achieve a greater understanding of each other and what we can accomplish together.

  The impact of leadership

By listening intently and learning from each other we discover possibilities, align resources, measure impact, and solve complex problems to meet evolving needs.

  The capacity to transform lives

Every act of generosity creates hope and perpetuates good throughout our community.

  The necessity of collaboration

Partnerships built from distinct experiences create richer conversations, equitable opportunities, and transformative solutions.

  Our responsibility for stewardship

Dedication to the ethical, fair, and accountable delivery of resources for the greater good ensures our community will thrive for generations.



We are deliberate in our efforts to better understand the issues we face as a community. And, we share our knowledge openly so, together, we can pursue innovative solutions. 

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Every year we publish a report to share how the people of Green Bay are responding to needs and working to ensure that every single member of our community has the opportunity to thrive.

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2022 Report

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2020 Report

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2018 Report

Nationally Certified

We are a nationally certified Community Foundation by the Council on Foundations. This certification confirms we meet the most rigorous standards in philanthropy. 

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We are also committed full transparency, sharing our financials, strategies, and outcomes so you can be confident your investments will go further and do greater good.

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