David Pamperin Announces Plans to Retire

After 10 years as president and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, David Pamperin plans to retire in February of 2017. Pamperin feels the Foundation is well positioned to welcome a new leader as the organization’s 25th year comes to a close.

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation ended its 2016 fiscal year on June 30, 2016, in a very strong position. The Foundation’s endowment exceeds $100 million. Almost 600 individual funds distribute grants to more than 400 unique nonprofit organizations each year. Last year, donors made 2,500 gifts to the Foundation, and most were gifts of $100 or less. These gifts add up to millions every year. Last year alone, the Foundation received over $19 million in gifts, making the Greater Green Bay Community one of the most giving communities per capita in the country. The Foundation was also one of the most active annual grant makers in the state last year with over 1,800 grants distributed. The Foundation is using community knowledge to lead, with others, important community efforts that address critical community-wide issues.

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation is strong because of its many supporters throughout the community. People who inspire giving, engage our community, lead programs and invest in the future. Pamperin said he felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead the organization over the last decade.

“Leading the Foundation has introduced me to so many people that play important roles in supporting and improving the Greater Green Bay Community. Greater Green Bay is a special place for many reasons and a major reason is because the people who call it home are so giving and welcoming. We have a very talented staff and an active and engaged Board of Directors who will offer a very attractive opportunity for the Foundation’s next leader.” – David Pamperin

A Foundation Search Committee is leading a national search supported by a search firm, and David Pamperin will remain involved to ensure a smooth process. After his retirement, David plans to say involved in the community.