Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Brown County United Way announce creation of emergency response funds

Brown County United Way and the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation today announced their organizations have each established funds to help individuals in the community affected by COVID-19 and other local crises.

Brown County United Way’s Emergency Response Fund will provide assistance through local non-profit agencies to people impacted by COVID-19, and if needed, local flooding, and other public crises that may arise in the future. Brown County United Way has provided a seed investment of $30,000 and is seeking additional donations from the community. The fund will help support families and individuals in need with essentials such as daycare as a result of school or childcare center closures, meals, transportation, temporary housing/shelter, medical supplies, and health and hygiene products. Funds will be managed by a committee of community members and staff. An application process for local agencies will be announced in the near future.

“In light of the current public health emergency and Brown County United Way’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of every person in Brown County, we believe this is a very important action for us and our community to take,” said Robyn Davis, Brown County United Way president and CEO. “This is a time for our community to come together and help each other out.”

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation has also activated an Emergency Response Fund with a $25,000 grant. This grant, along with donations from friends of the Community Foundation, will have immediate and long-term impact.

“We are committed to working closely with Brown County United Way, local leaders and our nonprofit partners to get an accurate read of the needs and impact on vulnerable populations within our community”, said Dennis Buehler, president and CEO, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. “We are also developing streamlined grant processes to ensure these funds are available to quickly meet the most critical needs.”

The Community Foundation will assume all associated costs related to its Emergency Response Fund to ensure 100% of the dollars are allocated directly to nonprofits working diligently to serve the community. Should donations raised exceed the need for COVID-19 relief, the Community Foundation will redirect the remaining funds for future disaster relief in the community.

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and Brown County United Way have a longstanding partnership and are mutually supportive in this community-wide effort. Both organizations are committed to reporting how and where the emergency response funds are utilized. “As the crisis continues to unfold, we will continue to assess the longevity of needs,” said Buehler.

To donate via the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation:
•    Online at
•    By mail: Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, 320 N. Broadway, Suite 260, Green Bay, WI 54303

To donate via Brown County United Way:
•    Online at
•    By mail: Brown County United Way, P.O. Box 1593, Green Bay, WI, 54305-1593, attention: Emergency Response Fund

Following the announcement of statewide and national public health emergencies regarding COVID-19, Brown County United Way sent a survey to more than 3,000 individuals, nonprofits, private businesses, and government officials seeking feedback on how the declaration of a public health emergency and its current and potential future impacts could affect community needs. The results of the survey and other forms of outreach will help further guide the use of emergency response funding, in coordination with public and private partners.

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and Brown County United Way will work collaboratively on the identification of local needs and their respective funding processes to maximize community resources and overall impact.