Green Bay Back Houston Fund raises $600,000 for hurricane relief

The Green Bay Backs Houston Fund, created by the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, has reached $600,000 to directly support the relief efforts in Houston, TX. This fund was created to provide the Green Bay community a safe and reliable way to support the residents of Houston. Every dollar donated to the Green Bay Backs Houston Fund will be passed on to the Greater Houston Community Foundation to support and rebuild their community after Hurricane Harvey.

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation collected dollars from the concerned citizens of northeastern Wisconsin and assumed all associated costs to ensure 100% of the dollars would be received by the Greater Houston Community Foundation.  “We live in an incredible community where people sought a path to assure support reached those most affected by this tragedy and their kindness has not gone unnoticed.” said Dennis Buehler, President and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. “Leaders within the Greater Houston Community Foundation were both amazed and deeply touched by the generosity displayed from our community.”

The Houston foundation will allocate these funds toward relief efforts aiding the victims of the flooding and other weather related problems caused by Hurricane Harvey, including shelter and temporary housing needs, food and supplies, health care, transportation, child care, social service agencies, and other needs that fill the gaps not met by local and federal efforts. The Greater Houston Community Foundation is also assuming all costs of administering their fund to assure that 100% of the funds are used to aid victims.

While nonprofit organizations work diligently to serve their community’s needs, Community Foundations collect donations and allocate them back to the agencies who are solving issues on the front line. “We are proud, on behalf of our community, to present this $600,000 gift to the Greater Houston Community Foundation.” Said Buehler. “Donors can be confident 100% of their money is going to directly impact the most pressing needs of the Houston community.”