Nine Grants Impact Green Bay Public Schools

GREEN BAY, WI – The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, in partnership with generous donors, has awarded nine grants totaling $5,650 to Green Bay Area Public Schools through the School Spirit Educational Endowment Fund grants program. With these grants, teachers are exploring creative ways to deliver innovative educational experiences.

Innovation is the key to the educational endowment. The grants are used for opportunities to enhance learning through creative educational practices. The most successful efforts can become the basis for district wide programs and serve as models for school districts across the country.

Grants are awarded based on a competitive application process including a review by a grants team of community volunteers, school administrators, and parents. The School Spirit Educational Endowment Fund is a field of interest fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. This fund type allows for support of a particular interest area, cause, or geographic region. The School Spirit Educational Endowment was created to support initiatives of Green Bay Area Public School District teachers, staff, parents and students.

The following schools and programs received funding:
Sullivan Elementary School, Hey Be Nice!: Students, teachers, and staff will make “Hey, Be Nice!” T-shirts, which students can “purchase” with the tickets they receive for following behavioral and academic expectations. They will be encouraged to wear their shirts to help promote kindness around school and their community.

Elmore Elementary School, Homework Club: Students in grades 3–5 will be able to read, complete homework and receive extra support as needed in the areas of literacy and math during the after-school program. Staff will work with the needs of individual students. Resources may include educational games or other strategies.

Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School, Life Skills & Service Learning: Students will engage in weekly, nutritious culinary classes to learn how to prepare meals for their family members and themselves. The program will include hands-on group activities that focus on service learning projects, such as creating Totes for Tots, planting trees, visiting nursing homes, and delivering plants grown for the recipients.

Kennedy Elementary School, Literacy Night: Families will be provided a book and enrichment activities to be used at home. Parents will have hands-on opportunities to make the materials they will use with their children and will be given information on why reading to their child is important, to create a foundation for reading throughout their child’s life.

Multi-School (Edison, Franklin, Lombardi, and Washington middle schools), Middle Level Book Club: Students who love to read and discuss with each other will be provided with face-to-face lunchtime book club meetings, as well as a shared multi-school Google Classroom for each book. Text sets will be shared among schools.

Nicolet Elementary School, Sensory Room: A designated sensory area in the school will serve both special education and general education students who struggle with sensory processing issues. The space is meant to allow students to regulate their bodies and return to their general education classes sooner, while decreasing behavioral issues in the school.

Lombardi Middle School, Peer Mediation: Members of Peer Mediation will be leaders in promoting character building schoolwide through awareness campaigns and ongoing student-led activities. Supplies and materials will promote kindness, gratitude, anti-bullying, peace and empathy.

Baird Elementary School, Student Leadership Group: Students participating in the leadership group will develop, promote and facilitate a schoolwide anti-bullying project, school spirit days, participation in community and school-based fundraisers, a “spreading kindness” activity and various other projects. Students will also participate in at least one service learning project: making blankets for those in need.

King Elementary School Children’s Center for Engineering, Discovery World Field Trip: Students will visit a Green Plastic lab at Discovery World in Milwaukee to learn about the effect of plastic products on the environment. This lab will further support their classroom learning about green and renewable energies.