More than $575,000 deployed to help those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis

GREEN BAY, WI – Thanks to generous donors and community partners, more than $575,000 has been distributed in three weeks to local nonprofits working on the frontlines to support the people most affected by the coronavirus crisis. Grants from the Community Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund and the Green Bay Packers Give Back COVID-19 Community Relief Fund continue to support basic needs including food security, safe shelter, transportation and access to care. More than 2.5 million has been committed to the response funds to date.

Community nonprofits are facing a variety of challenges and uncertainties during this time. As fundraising events are canceled, revenue sources are on hold and volunteers and donors are facing their own obstacles, resources are stretched to capacity. Simultaneously, demand for their services continues to grow.

Food security has been one of the main focuses of funding to this point. The need for food has increased across the community, and service providers from school districts to homeless shelters to food pantries are responding. The safety concerns around obtaining and distributing the food have also challenged nonprofits to adapt. Where they may have received food donations in the past, they are now having to purchase food to support their programs. Additionally, they are implementing new cleanliness and social distancing criteria to protect the vulnerable populations.

“Nonprofits that have long served this community have ramped up their efforts to meet growing need with diminished resources. Their commitment to ensuring the need is met is unparalleled,” said Amber Paluch, Vice President of Community Engagement.

Grantmaking from the response funds is currently focused on quickly supporting Brown, Kewaunee and Oconto county nonprofits meeting the immediate, urgent needs of people in our community most affected by the crisis. Balancing the immediate direct service needs with the mid- and long-term operational needs of nonprofits serving this community continues to be a consideration in funding decisions.

A list of the third-round of grants is available at