A New Tool to Understand Needs and Improve Life in Brown County

March 31, 2022, Green Bay, WI – A new tool is on the horizon to evaluate and address community needs throughout Brown County. The Greater Green Bay Community Hub, designed and developed by the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation in partnership with Brown County United Way, launched today. The Community Hub will inform Brown County residents, community leaders, local nonprofits, and policymakers about the overall health and trends of our community to help prioritize collaborative solutions to pressing needs.

The Community Hub is a dynamic data platform that will be the new home for the 2011, 2016 and 2021 LIFE Studies. The LIFE Study reports provide a valuable snapshot of the community through both public perception and evidence-based research. The personal experiences and perspectives on life in Brown County are incorporated into each report and compared with local, regional, and national data trends.

“The LIFE Study results, integrated with the Community Hub’s powerful data platform, will offer our most comprehensive overview of quality of life in Brown County as seen through the eyes of its residents,” said Dennis Buehler, President and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. “Our goal is to make trusted data available to help understand needs, shape solutions and evaluate our progress.”

Focusing on measuring what matters in our community, the Hub offers free, easy-to-use access to up-to-date data that highlights trends, challenges, and opportunities in 10 sectors of life in Brown County. The Hub will include corresponding maps, tables and figures, promising practices, and a wealth of local, regional, and national quality-of-life data.

“We welcome and encourage community groups, schools, nonprofits, local agencies, chambers, and tourism groups to engage with this resource,” said Robyn Davis, President and CEO of Brown County United Way. “The evolving nature of this website will allow users to contribute information, ideas, best practices and resources.”

Visit www.greatergreenbaycommunityhub.org and access local, national, and state-wide data to determine where there are opportunities to improve life in our community.