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and disparities impact rural communities

These challenges vary from community to community and include limited access to essential services in healthcare, education, transportation, and public utilities. This leads to disparities in the quality and availability of resources and opportunities in comparison to more urban areas.

The following needs are in addition to the critical needs and escalating needs impacting the quality of life throughout our region.

The Community Foundation serves all of Brown, Kewaunee, and Oconto counties.




Alcohol & Other Drug Use

Alcohol and drug use is one of the top community health focus areas for both Kewaunee and Oconto counties. Availability of alcohol and drugs, lack of access to treatment, cost of treatment, and lack of understanding of the impact of drug use on overall health are key issues behind the problem.

Engaging the community around these needs and joining them in ensuring the resources are in place is where we come in. The communities themselves know best what is needed, and we can help provide it.

Physical Activity and Obesity

Just over half of Oconto County residents have access to exercise facilities, compared to 4 out of 5 in the state, and 30% of Oconto County adults are considered obese. In Kewaunee County, 35% of residents are considered obese, and only 31% are physically active.

Modifying behaviors, increasing awareness, and addressing access are key objectives for addressing the health needs of these communities. Nutrition and physical activity rise to the top as opportunities to address obesity as well as mental health and chronic disease prevention.


Rural areas tend to be underserved in numerous ways, and transportation is no exception. Many communities are devoid of any public transportation, with no way for residents without vehicles to navigate the expansive counties for employment and other services.
Lack of options can lead to isolation and inadequate access to basic needs such as food and medical care.

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