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Escalating Community Needs




can reduce their long-term impact

In addition to the critical needs of the community, there are also specific needs we know are growing. These escalating needs will necessitate greater attention and resources as we look ahead.

Areas of




Aging & Disabilities

Providing older adults and people of varying abilities with the support they need to maintain independence has short and long-term implications for their overall health and wellbeing and facilitates prolonged contribution to the community.

Community data and action on aging and disabilities 🡢

The Community Foundation connects resources to support aging and disabilities.

Belonging & Social Connectedness

In a healthy community, each member is highly engaged, feels a strong sense of belonging, and has inclusive spaces that provide access to broad cultural opportunities. Feeling that you have a place and celebrating differences as well as finding common ground is what community is about.

Community data and action on belonging and social connectedness 🡢


Safe, reliable, low-cost transportation options help bridge the divide between people and jobs, services, and training opportunities.

Community data and action on transportation 🡢

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Understanding is truly the first step

We intentionally connect people, ideas, and resources to move our community forward. Together, we accomplish more than any one of us could alone. Join us.

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