Community Needs

Community Needs

Critical Community Needs



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to making life better

Critical needs are pivotal areas where the community has identified stark gaps in services or significant disparities diminishing the quality of life here. These could also be areas where there is notable positive momentum and community-driven progress.

Factors such as race, gender, age, and geographic location all need to be further explored to ensure any efforts to make life better are efforts that make life better for everyone.

Areas of




Childcare and Early Childhood

Access to affordable, high-quality, culturally responsive childcare and early childhood education has short- and long-term implications. These implications range from nurturing healthy child development and expanding family workforce opportunities, to setting families up for self-sufficiency and children up for life-long success.

Community data and action on childcare and early childhood 🡢

The Community Foundation provides resources to support children and families

Diversity and Equity

The ability of individuals and families to access the resources, services, and support they need to thrive today influences outcomes for future generations. The need for greater equity intersects with every other issue facing our community. Ensuring all people are respected, valued, and given equal opportunities to succeed forges a path toward improved economic, social, health, and educational outcomes.

Community data and action on diversity and equity 🡢


Safe and equitable housing solutions transition residents out of homelessness and prevent those at risk from becoming homeless, all of which have implications related to employment stability, improved physical and mental wellbeing, financial stability, and enhanced educational opportunities.

Community data and action on housing 🡢

Mental Health and Well-being

The availability of affordable, timely, accessible, and culturally sensitive mental health services correlates to a community’s overall health and wellbeing. Improved mental health allows for stronger community bonds, better physical health, improved educational outcomes and employee productivity, and heightened community engagement, all which contribute to a thriving and more resilient society.

Community data and action on mental health and well-being 🡢

Poverty and Financial Stability

When the systems that create generational and situational poverty are reconstructed, everyone is given equal opportunity to achieve and maintain economic stability for a thriving community.

Community data and action on poverty and stability 🡢

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